2021/2022 Winter Programme:

The winter lectures for 2021/22 will continue to take place online via Zoom

Thursday 20 January @ 19:30          
Lecture: A recipe for disaster (earthquake hazards) by Ekbal Hussain (BGS)

Thursday 10 February @ 19:30         
Lecture: 3D geological outcrop modelling and visualisation by Brian Burnham (Aberdeen)

Thursday 10 March @ 19:00       
AGM and Chair’s Address: AGM @ 19:00 followed by Lecture at 19:30. Some of the more unusual landforms in Western Australia by Stephen Addison (NSGGA Chair)

Online Lecture Programme by Zoom.
Due to coronavirus restrictions, it is still not possible to hold lectures at Keele until further notice. The NSGGA will continue to host their talks on the Zoom platform. Member will be sent a link via email. Non-Members, please request a link via the Contact Page

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