NSGGA Library

The NSGGA library is held at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Hanley.

Below is the list of books that may be consulted by members.

G.A. Excursion Guides

Hardie, W.G. et al. 1971 The area around Birmingham Geol. Assoc. Guide 1
Moseley, F. 1990 Geology of the Lake District Geol. Assoc. Guide 2
McKerrow, W.S. & Kennedy, W.J. 1973 The Oxford district Geol. Assoc. Guide 3
Lawson, J.D. et al. 1982 The Silurian inliers of the south-eastern Welsh borderland Geol. Assoc. Guide 5
Somerville, I.D. et al. 1986 Geology around the university towns: Liverpool Geol. Assoc. Guide 6
Eagar, R.M.C. & Broadhurst, F.M. 1991 Geology of the Manchester area Geol. Assoc. Guide 7
Cope, F.W. 1976 The area around Stoke-on-Trent Geol. Assoc. Guide 8
Greensmith, J.T. 1973 The estuarine region of Suffolk and Essex Geol. Assoc. Guide 12
Johnson, G.A.L. 1973 The Durham area Geol. Assoc. Guide 15
Hall, A. 1974 West Cornwall Geol. Assoc. Guide 19
Barber, A.J. et al. 1978 The Lewisian and Torridonian rocks of north-west Scotland Geol. Assoc. Guide 21
House, M. 1989 Geology of the Dorset Coast Geol. Assoc. Guide 23
Daley, B. & Insole, A. 1987 The Isle of Wight Geol. Assoc. Guide 25
Kirkaldy, J.F. 1976 The Weald Geol. Assoc. Guide 29
McKerrow, W.S. & Atkins, F.B. 1989 Isle of Arran Geol. Assoc. Guide 32
Ager, D.V. et al. 1973 The Cotwolds Hills Geol. Assoc. Guide 36
Hobson, D.M. 1978 The Plymouth area Geol. Assoc. Guide 38
Cattermole, P.J. & Romano, M. 1988 Lleyn Peninsula Geol. Assoc. Guide 39
Bates, D.E.B. & Davies, J.R. 1987 Anglesey Geol. Assoc. Guide 40
Bishop, A.C. & Keen, D.H.1981 Jersey Geol. Assoc. Guide 41
Jenkyns, H.C. et al.1990 Island of Mallorca Geol. Assoc. Guide 42
Mossley, F. 1990 Costa Blanca, Spain Geol. Assoc. Guide 43
Hambrey, M.J. et al. 1991 The Late Precambrian geology of the Scottish Highlands and Islands Geol. Assoc. Guide 44
Toghill, P. 1992 Onny Valley, Shropshire Geol. Assoc. Guide 45
Ford, T.D. 1996 The Castleton Area, Derbyshire Geol. Assoc. Guide 56

Other Guides

Oxburgh, E.R. 1968 The geology of the Eastern Alps Geologists’ Association
Robinson, E. 1984 London: Illustrated geological walks Scottish Academic PressBook 1
Robinson, E. 1985 London: Illustrated geological walks Scottish Academic PressBook 2

Geological Memoirs

Gibson, W. 1905 The geology of the North Staffordshire coalfields Memoir of the Geological Survey of England and Wales 1-523 bound book (ex NSFC)
Hull, E. 1869 The Triassic and Permian rocks of the Midland counties of England Memoir of the Geological Survey 1-127 pp.5-48 missing
Earp, J.R. & Taylor, B.J. 1986 Geology of the country around Chester and Winsford Memoir of the British Geological Survey Sheet 1091-119 bound book
Poole, E.G. & Whiteman, A.J. 1966 Geology of the country around Nantwich and Whitchurch Memoir of the Geological Survey of Great Britain Sheet 1221-154 bound book
Whitehead, T.H. & Eastwood, T. 1927 The geology of the southern part of the South Staffordshire coalfield Memoir of the Geological Survey of England and Wales 1-218 bound book (ex NSFC)


Addison, K. & Reynolds, J.R.2001 ‘Upon this Rock’ – RIGS and the Planning System Proceedings of the fourth UKRIGS annual conference 105 bound copy
Cossey, P.J. et al. 1995 The geology and conservation of Brown End Quarry, Waterhouses, Staffordshire Proc. Geol. Assoc. 106 Nov-25 reprint
1976 The Amateur Geologist7 (2)as issued
1989 Proc. Geol. Assoc 100 (1)as issued
1989 Proc. Geol. Assoc 100 (2)as issued
1989 Proc. Geol. Assoc 100 (3)as issued
1989 Proc. Geol. Assoc 100 (4)as issued
Challinor, J. 1951 North Staffordshire geology 1811-1948: The progress of research and a short guide to the literatureTrans. North Staffs. Field Club 85 A49-A64 reprint (part 3)
Fone, W., Donovan, S.K. & Lewis, D.N. 2002 Middle Ordovician crinoids from the Shelve Inlier, Shropshire, UK Special Papers in Palaeontology 67 97 – 113 reprint (donated by author)
Ford, T.D. 1969 The Blue John fluorspar deposits of Treak Cliff, Derbyshire, in relation to the Boulder Bed Proc. Yorkshire Geol. Soc. 37 (2) 153-157 reprint
Ford, T.D. 1964 Fossil karst in Derbyshire Proc. British Speleological Assoc. 2 50-62 reprint
Ford, T.D. & King, R.J. 1968 Mineralization in the Triassic rocks of south Derbyshire Transactions/Section B of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 77 B42-B43 extract
Ford, T.D. & Sarjeant, W.A.S. 1964 The Peak District mineral index Bull. Peak District Mines Historical Society 2 (3)122-150 reprint
Metcalfe, A.T. The geology and scenery of the Derbyshire Dales Trans. Nottingham Naturalists’ Soc. 55th session Jan-19 reprint
Mountney, N.P. & Thompson, D.B.2002 Stratigraphic evolution and preservation of aeolian dune and damp/wet interdune strata: an example from the Triassic Helsby Sandstone Formation, Cheshire Basin, UK Sedimentology 49 805-833 reprint
Sadler, H.E. & Wyatt, R.J. 1966 A Lower Carboniferous S2 inlier near Hartington, Derbyshire Proc. Geol. Assoc. 77 (1)55-64 reprint
Ward, J. 1890 The geological features of the North Staffordshire Coal-fields G.T. Bagguley : Newcastle-under-Lyme 1-189 bound book (ex NSFC)
Worssam, B.C., Calver, M.A. & Jago, G. 1971 Newly discovered marine bands and tonsteins in the south Derbyshire coalfield Nature Physical Science 232 (no.32) 121-122 reprint
[O’Dell, Jonathan]Collection of photocopies of articles relevant to the north Staffs. coalfield geology photocopies, (donated by JGOD)

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